Robin is also the author of South African beat classic "Tight Lines", and "Kelp", a collection of poems and short stories.
They are now both available from the online store.

0 out of 60
0/60 ... an auspicious start to a literary career .....

He was first published at school in English Alive, and has appeared in various poetry magazines such as Carapace, Leaves to a Tree and various lifestyle magazines. Download this sample chapter in .pdf format.

Auld's suggestive narrative doesn't pussy-foot around he tells it like it is or was, whether it's about male bonding or white trash. What's refreshing is that he doesn't bow down to any politically correct god and there are no sacred cows ... Auld has an easy turn of phrase and the novel unfolds with a natural rhythm that makes reading a pleasure ...
Auld's literary debut is welcome.
Jane Mayne, The Cape Times

Cape Town rocker Robin Auld has finally published his first novel. In an interview between gigs at the National Arts Festival, the twice married, twice divorced songwriter, surfer and (how's this!) stinky visserman, talks about Tight Lines. I've read it and it's an uncompromising, up-yours, brutally honest etc. look at the lives of wit okes in Azania. Its a shtonking read ... not really recommended for sensitive lefties. Robin calls it our very own "beat generation" genre of writing. It has a lekka sif ending in the Eastern Cape where hardly anybody gets out alive.
Mike Loewe

A rare find -- a book that makes you laugh and wonder at life in sunny South Africa ...
An easy and extremely enjoyable read.
Jarvis, Cape Town


Short Stories: